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Heartbreak And Hope

The top photo is of Buddi. He was a Norwegian Elkhound owned by Theresa McCool, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. “I was his fourth owner. He was about nine months old when he was found by a couple from Toronto who were travelling on a stormy night in Washington. They thought he was a baby wolf. He was in very bad shape, partially frozen from a winter storm. Due to their lifestyle, they were hardly home because they owned a restaurant. One of their employees took him home for a few months and he was given a home by my daughter and I. It was love at first sight. He loved unconditionally. He was the best friend we ever had. I thank Buddi for helping me through the rough times on this journey of life. I miss him very much but I know he’s in God’s hands”.

Next is Sam. He was owned by Jeannie Davis Foley, AL, USA “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your website. I lost my sweet baby girl border collie on Feb. 14 this year. She was 15. It has just been the two of us for 15 years. My heart is hurting and aching constantly. This had not been a good day. I was sitting at the computer and just typed in the search box "Animals in Heaven" and your site was the first one. I am so thankful I did. I know this was God completely. I can't feel better. I miss Sam (Samantha) more than I could ever express. She was the sweetest, most loving, loyal, friendliest dog in the world. We got her at the animal shelter 15 years ago. I know God led me straight to her. I learned so much from her. I learned how to love, how to have courage, and how to live life to the fullest every single minute of every day. She always showed me in so many ways how much she loved me. She walked with me every day. And went everywhere with me. She loved walking and riding. She loved chasing squirrels. I could go on forever. Thank you again for making my day a little better. I always knew in my heart that Sam had a spirit and soul and I know that she is now in God’s arms and having a wonderful time with all the other sweet dogs in Heaven. I was so very blessed to have experienced the kind of love Sam and I had for each other. We had formed such a bond. It hurts so much, but it is such a comfort to know she is waiting for me in Heaven and I will see her and be with her again forever. Thanks again."

Then there’s twister. Our next reader describes the heartbreak. "My dog Twister (a female Rhodesian Ridgeback) was tragically killed in a freak work accident. A delivery truck loaded with firewood fell on top of the van. My husband and I are beside ourselves with grief and sorrow as she was our "baby", we having no children of our own. Greg (my husband) took her everywhere he went. I was in charge of feeding her, taking her for walks, vet, obedience school, etc. They say time heals all wounds; in our case it may take ages to or never will heal. We loved her so much. I am crying as I write this and Greg is blaming God for taking her away so soon (she would have turned a year old). Insurance will compensate for damages and losses occurred, but no amount of money can bring Twister back. It's a great comfort to know that the Holy Bible contains numerous verses attesting to the presence of souls in animals and that they exist in heaven. I'd like to think that Twister is there now, running around with a ball in her mouth, playing fetch with an angel." The photo shows Twister and new friend Diesel.

Finally, at the bottom of the photo arrangement is Kallee. We were lucky to be picked to be a family to an orphan red Doberman who we named Gracie. She is a breeder survivor and while she will never take Kallee’s place, may heal the heartache and guilt we feel for our pretty Kallee. Please say a prayer for guidance in our quest for peace as Kallee’s end was preventable and we are guilt ridden and heartbroken despite knowing it was pre-ordained. Kallee was an angel, now all we have left are memories that don’t even come close to describing our little girl. It is impossible to write about her because she defied description: words fall flat. When John and I first saw her, in the first minute we both knew she wasn’t normal but her zest and love was beyond anything we ever saw in an animal. Kallee was too good for this world, and too fragile because of it. She had a way of cupping her face into our hands like she was consoling us, not visa-versa, and she always stared deep into our eyes and never hated being looked at back. Kallee was an angel from God
and she taught John to love dogs as they love him.


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