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In October I lost my very much loved cat Sarah. She was only a year and seven months old. I miss her so much and the pain never seems to fade, and its hard to go through the day when she was always such a big part of it. I miss her so much, I would do anything for that cat. Her mommy (the cat one)misses her, and her sissy Missy. I gonna miss her following me outside in the summer,fetching sticks(her special talent),drinking out of the birdbath, jumping on window sills demanding to be let in that way. Her hatred of snow, how she loved to snuggle (on her own terms),she'd always give a head bump,(our special thing, hard to explain), her falling asleep upside down in my arms,how she hated to be held(most of the time), how she would only lay on her favorite blanket. That look she would always give me, so full of love and trust. I remember the last time I saw her stalking the birds out in our pasture. I miss her and her quirks very much. I can't think of ever loving another cat as much as I love her. She holds a very special place in my heart. I can't wait to see her again.I really wish i could celebrate your 2nd birthday with you here. I love you baby girl.-Miranda WickmanName: Miranda    .
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