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Since I was a child, I always felt a connection to animals. I was riduculed by family and freinds and always felt they were right. But as a grown woman today i have four dogs and looking to adopt more who need a good forever home. I know and always will know that animals have feelings and souls. It is harsh for someone to say that they are just animals. Those words are to hard for me to hear. If they bleed, than they are more than just animals. I find happiness in them. Everyday i am happy becuase of them. They are my family, my blood. It is selfish and ignorrant to think that humans are the only important ones on this earth.

It shows what type of people we truly are in on this planet. If only those around me could see the peace of mind animals give me. The sense of stability and love i never had and love that i know they need from me and all of us. We all desire to be loved and accepted. They desire the same thing. It doesnt matter if we have two legs and they have four, what matters is the soul that lives inside of them and us. God loves all that lives and breathes. And the rejection of a living and breathing thing, is the saddest thing he can see. I know my purpose in life is to care for animals. God gives us all paths to follow and a purpose to live for.

Mine have been chosen along with other things in life I will follow. I connect more with an animal than i do a human bieng. And god knows how happy it truly makes me. I am not a bad person for caring for an animal as much as i do. I am simply following gods wishes and caring for those who need us and want us to love them. Always remember that there is no floor plan in what a bieng with a soul should look like. But there is one, for how we love accept those around us, humans and animals alike. Animals and humans, we are one. In the eyes of god and in the heart of this growing planet. 


In all my years I never knew what love for family meant. Until I met Walle.

I got a call early in the morning from my cousin. He told me he had seen the neighbors tie up a little puppy in the front yard without food or water. He was left to fend for himself. For two days the puppy tried to find shade under neath a truck while it was still tied up. The Arizona heat wave could kill anything living and breathing in less than an hour. At one point, the puppy was sleeping behind the truck tire when the owners were backing up. If it wasn't for my cousin who made them stop, the puppy would have been dead. They just grabbed him and put him aside and went on there way. Finally the next day, my cousin had enough. He got close to the dog and saw his ribs sticking out. He was going to die, if nothing was done to save him. My cousin instinctively untied the rope from the puppy's neck and put him in the car and drove to my apartment. The puppy was so scared on the way to my home, that he bit my cousins wife on the hand. 20 minutes later I got a knock at the door. I opened the door to my cousin and a little beagle basset mix who just walked right into my apartment and started snooping around. I bathed him, fed him and gave him plenty of water until his belly couldnt take no more.That same day my boyfriend saw walle and immediately fell in love with him.

It took me a while to figure out what would fit this little guy who was saved from bieng killed by the hands of uncaring bad people. Then I thought about a movie that truly was touching. Walle the movie. Walle was a lonely robot looking for love and only wanted to be excepted. My puppy would be Walle. A little guy who wanted to be loved and excepted. God is good, because Walle and I found each other.It was fit to last. Its going to be 3 years now. Walle is now 2 years old going to be 3 in may. Hes a big fat boy who scratches his own back by rolling in the grass and waiting for whatever falls off my dinner plate. My boyfriend is Walle's papa. We have all been together since the day Walle came to us. Walle now has three other members of the family he plays with. They are his family as well. We are all a family. We will never forget how we all found each other, for it makes us strong and gives meaning to life. This is what God wants from us. To live a meaningful life surrounded by those we love. To receive love and to give it. Walle will forever be the start of our family and we will always cherish the strength he gave us to strive for better for his sake, his brothers and sisters sake and ours.

Name: Maida

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