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My Beloved Animal Friends

My name is Forest and I'm a 17 year-old girl

I have lost my dog Bullet #1 to old age. He was a Germen Shepherd and we did everything together. We even played in piles of leaves and wrestle, and when I went to take a nap, he would lay down and allow me to use him as a pillow. Saddly we had to let him go to God for he was becoming a very old dog.
 I knew death since I was three, I knew that my pony, my baby DJ had left me forever. I was never able to say my goodbyes to him, and I watched,tears streaming down my cheeks as they placed him in his grave, threw some horse food in with him and started covering him up. I didn't stay for long, I ran into my woods and found a quiet place to sit and cry.Then I lost Shadow. I was in the barn with my grandfather helping him muck out the stalls. I do believe I was 11 and it was over summer break, but as we were cleaning out the stalls, grandpa and I heard a loud crack and then Shadow fell to the ground. I ran over to him and immediately saw the blood comming from his ankle with the bone sticking out of the skin, he was in pain. I placed a hand on his head and said "Easy boy, mommy is here" and Grandpa was by now bringing in the trailer. I unfortunately had to go inside for grandma called me in to do my chores. I told her what happened and she told me to stay while she
went with grandpa. I was not happy about that one bit but I stayed, praying that
everything would be all right.

Then, one morning, I was heading to school when I decided to take a visit up at the barn. We had Buttons and King up there at the time and they were the only horses left. Buttons is still alive, but King was the next to die, and when I walked into the barn, I sawKing was laying on the ground, his toungue litterally hanging out and bloos trickling from his nose. I ran over to him and grandpa said "Carefull Forest, don't touch him" but I didn't listen, I didn't care if I got blood on me.
His eyes were open still and there was no life in them, yet his body still held some warmth to it and I said "He died this morning didn't he grandpa" and he slowly nodded and said "his heart must have given out on him, he was 20 years old you know." I just nodded, tears silently comming down, my hands stroking his soft fur and grandpa said "Go in the house Forest, you do not have to go to school today, you can help me bury him soon." I did go in, but I went in as if I was a zombie, not all there, I had a distant look in my eyes. Later that day,
grandpa dug a hole for him and I helped him lower King in. Grandpa had closed
his eyes so we wouldn't have to see the lifeless look and we covered him up.

A few years went by and one day, our dog Muffy died of old age, she was laid to rest in the backyard in the horse corral. I still remember the time when I saved her from being trapped in the ice in our creek. I broke the ice and freed her tail. She had ice all over her and despite the cold, I opened up my jaket, placed her against my chest and zipped it back up, hoping that my body heat would be enough to warm her up even just a little bit. I carried her in and grandma and I sat her in from of the fireplace and warmed her up and dried her and brushed her to get the rest of the ice off, she lived with us for a few more years before she gave up on fighting to live and passed away.
DJ was the first, then King was last. I said to the lock of hair "Goodbye Shadow" and held it close. I still have it today and when I touch it, I can feel his presence near me,as if he was standing right beside me and I would go back in time to when he died.

I have a little robot dog that looks just like her and I named it Muffy in her memory.

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