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Tribute To Geisen

I just lost a very special member of my family. My weinmeriner,Geisen. She brought such wonderful love to our house hold.With words that only her and I understood. I would say talk to me Geisen and she would so gentle.Then she would collapse for a big belly rub.Geisen found a snake in our yard,got a broken leg when the neighbor ran over him with a four wheeler.Helaed perfect not even a limp.She got bit by a snake and her chin was all swollen sure enough I found the dead snake.Then a groundhog bit a corner of her ear off. But Oh did she love to play but mostly run and talk.That voice i will never forget.But day before yesterday she stood in her heated building and started to talk I thought it was a bark,words and a hurt in her voice.

So I thought she did not come out and greet me. But I thought it is extremely cold. so next morning I go down to feed her and Geisen did not come. I thought Lord she is almost 15 aqnd absolutley nothing wrong other than hard as my voice got louder, I knew even being hearing impaired she would come so I immediately tried to look in building from over fence. I knew in my heart that she was now with Jesus.So I opened up the building and yelled although I knew,yes, I knew. I did not tell her any goodbye's like i did Copper in Groomed For God's Service. But she had told me goodbye with pain in her voice.Oh Geisen how I miss you, I kissed you and I thought it won't be long Geisen til I see you. I am 50 and how time flies. god I ask you right now to take good care of my beautiful Geisen who would protect me from anyone and everyone.Geisen it was such a shock.

I wish I could have kissed you and told you how much I love you. But Zoey your best brother, a German Shepherd will miss you horribly as Zoey never went outside the pen but for five minutes he did not want to come back in to be with you. He is lost and fourteen patial blind and death.Geisen be with his spirit and help him not to grieve for you.The whole neighborhood said you two were like Disney characters.Run and play with Jesus and Gizzy as my sweet Geisen it won't be long til we are all a family again.Stay in my heart forever and keep your spirit close. I will never forget your last words,so painful none like I had ever heard. I jsut wish I could have told you good bye. But God knew it was too painful for me to know ahead of time that we would be separate in body but not spirit. I will see you keep all those words for me as I love you and you will forever be in my heart such love you brought me.Love you I will tell Zoey you will be waiting for him to come and lick your ears.

Name: Sandy Wildermuth

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