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Chico And Harley

My Loving Best Friend
My Lil Amigo & Goofis Ruffis


You are the Best Friends that have never failed. 
You never judged nor held a grudge.  Your loving
eyes playful lick and warm soothing touch.

My heart breaks as I think of you and ask why this
could or has to be this way.

My life and home has a void that cannot be
filled, the sound of you still echoes in
the house and your bed and bunkies still
carries the scent of you. 

I curl up at night with them so I can still at
least in my mind still be close to you.

You are all I think about and the hurt never
seems to escape.

Part of me never wants the hurt to escape for I fear
I will have some how left your closeness go.


I miss seeing you waiting for me when I get
home the wagging nubs saying welcome
home my daddy oh how I have missed you
so and lets make up for the time we have been apart.

You always made me feel that I was all that
mattered to you.

The licks of love melted everything away no
matter what the day had dealt to me.  I always
knew you would be there for me when I returned.

But now you are not and so I face these agonizing
returns sad and lonely trying  to coupe and keeping
my faith praying to The Heavenly Father to let you
know I Love You and Miss You and I ask him to answer
my prayers and allow me to spend all of Eternity
with you again.


May you join my Loving companions Cruz & BoJo
who have gone on before you but are always in
my heart and my love for them is the same and the
hurtand longing has not gone away.


I Love You

Your Daddy

Gavin J. Boinski


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