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Julia And Smith (They'll Meet Again)

My name is Julia, and on Sept. 24, the worst thing that could ever happen to a 16 year old girl happened. I lost my best friend.

My dog was hit by a black SUV  He ran across the street, just sniffing, and that SUV came speeding down the straightaway. I tried waving the vehicle down - I even pointed to my helpless friend - but the passenger and driver didnít notice, or just didnít care. My dog Smith almost made it, but his hindquarters got hit; the truck was going so fast that his shoulders and head swung around and fractured his skull and broke his jaw and leg.

We got Smith into a car, but he passed away in the back seat, 2 minutes away from the vet.

The vehicle that hit Smith didnít decelerate and didnít swerve - just kept a steady speed, and accelerated when it hit him, and drove away. I know to some a dog is just an animal, but to me, a dog or any animal has feelings. They feel pain, and they make a difference in everyoneís life.

I want to make something good of this horrible situation. The road is a straight run along the park, with numerous signs posted that read ďChildren at Play, Please Slow Down.Ē I feel it is a great area for the Town to put in speed bumps. Please Pray with me to make that happen.   

My dog Smith has been a light for all of you living in Bradford: he was sacrificed so a child wouldnít have to be.

I will never forget that moment. Iíve seen how some humans can be so cruel, but I know that not all humans are. Yes, humans do make mistakes - but letís not make another when this one is preventable. Treat everyone as you would like to be treated, and help me create a safe roadway and a safe town for all.

Signed, Julia.


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