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Groomed For God's Service

There was a male part Brittany spaniel that came to my neighbors yard 3 yrs. ago.

The animal lover I am, they called me and I took him in.Wonderful loving dog.In October I had to go to court where I was suing the hospital. I always let Copper (Brittany spaniel) out when I was home. But the court deal had lasted  a week so I could only let him out for a couple hours in the evening. He loved the water, he had his own swimming pool and sometimes he would go up in the woods behind our house and get wet  in the creek and as soon as I called him he would come.

Well this particular day I called he did not come and we looked for him until 1 AM and still couldn't find him, this had never happened before. So next night I stopped at a service station to see if I could pay someone $200.00 to see if they could find him .  I had recently had a transplant and a hip replacement and my husband has COPD so we were helpless at this point. Well this boy went up and found him in an open well that we had no idea was up there and we have lived here 20 years. My neighbor came down when they saw my husband with him and she knew how devastated I would be as he had went in that well to have fun and struggled God only knows how long he struggled to get out. But this same neighbor said in a sympathy card that God had lent Copper to us and Copper was Groomed For God's Service. Little did I know what a difference he was about to make in so many people's life. So when I went to church I shared this with the congregation and there wasn't a dry eye in the church.Everyone went forward and we had no sermon that day.

We go to the CHURCH OF CHRIST. But another neighbor called to see if this other dog was mine  so I told him what happened and he showed me a dog that was shot so I took it to the vet . I found a home for that dog and witnessed to the person and asked him if he went to church he said no not for a while. Then I told people at the lab about the incident but before I did I asked all 6 girls if they went to church before I told them. One said she believed but she doesn't,  another said she did go, etc. There were 6 girls there. This was an opportunity to witness like I had never had before,so needless to say that Copper who came with thousand of ticks I picked off before I bathed him and gave him front line was definitely GROOMED FOR GOD'S SERVICE! Before he left the day he came up missing I hugged him and said don't you ever leave and not come back because I love you so much.So I believe God even allowed me to say my goodbyes.

Wonderful how God worked this all out! 

Sandy Wildermuth Scott

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