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Tribute To Patrick

Patrick—April 1999 – December 2005

Owner: Marianne Rogers, Alexandria, VA.

I fell in love with Patrick the moment I saw him at a local cat adoption fair I was working. He was barely two months old, sitting all by himself in a cage, shaking uncontrollably—he was so scared! When I picked him up, he snuggled right up to my neck and then crawled under the shoulder of my blouse and went to sleep. I took him home that same day. He was a beautiful boy….white with auburn patches, round moon eyes, and the longest, heaviest tail…like a lion’s! His rescuer named him Patrick because he looked Irish, she said. I always called him Poopie Love.

He enriched our lives so much and brought incredible light and joy to our household. His favorite sport was chasing our female cat Chloe all around the house as she hissed and growled over her shoulder at him! He was such a little scamp! And yet, he was like a little lamb—so good, so innocent, so pure. His white angel face was the first thing I saw in the morning and he always greeted me at the hall stairs at night with a kitty kiss. Many nights, he would curl up by my side under the covers, lulling me to sleep with the soothing rhythm of his breathing.

He entered Heaven on December 18 at the young age of 6 ½ after living with an enlarged heart for all of his life. He survived his first episode of congestive heart failure in October and seemed to be improving, but we lost him suddenly a week before Christmas. His little heart just couldn’t manage anymore. Despite exemplary veterinary care, homeopathic remedies, and so many prayers over the course of two months, we couldn’t save him…his Heavenly Father was calling him home.

The house is so quiet without him and there’s an ache in my heart that will never heal. I never knew how deep love could be, nor how much anguish came with the loss of it. My life has been forever altered through knowing him and losing him. I eagerly await the day when I can join him, along with all my other pets. For me, there will be no Heaven without him. I know it sounds silly, but he was the love of my life. And he was greatly loved.

You were taken too soon and we all miss you terribly. Sleep tight nestled in God’s arms, my little love, until we meet again.

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